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The latest book from New Zealand's funniest and most outrageous author.  A beautifully produced hard cover edition containing 4 stories that are made for anyone tired of politically correctness in its many forms.  No one can deliver these punches like Bob Jones.

  • Modern Society - pricking pins at the prissy art world pretenders;
  • Heaven Sent - Sending up religion to a place even God didn't know existed;
  • The Last Judgement - A resounding take on the courts and law;
  • Risk & Reward - A crime story with more than a twist in the tale.

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Offer only available in New Zealand.  Offer Strictly limited.  

"Only a true art lover could lance the conceits behind so much of it with such forensic glee, as in "Modern Society."  In 'The Last Judgement' no bull could have more fun in the China shop of modern offence taking than Bob".

Jane Clifton, Columnist

"With his ever sharp humour and cutting wit Bob Jones cuts through the pretentiouness of modern life. These works are a wonderful antidote to the political correctness of the current age."

Paul Moon, Academic & Author

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